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Damon A. Jones, Captain

As Deputy Sheriffs, despite the challenges of the day, every day is rewarding because of the satisfaction that comes from serving the residents of the City of Carson and the surrounding unincorporated county areas. 


The men and women of Carson Sheriff’s Station feel an added sense of pride and motivation from within from the commitment and care that is shown on a daily basis to us by the volunteers and donors of the Carson Sheriff’s Station Support Foundation.  Our work isn’t possible without individuals like you providing support. The support helps improve the way we carry out our duties. 


With the help and generosity of caring citizens like you, the Carson Sheriff’s Station Support Foundation is able to assist the Carson Sheriff’s Station in several important ways:


  • Funding of important equipment needs

  • Support of effective programs that target at risk teens

  • Assist in the support of Station personnel and funding of community events

  • Provide financial assistance for workshops, training, travel and educational opportunities for station personnel

  • Strengthen the mutually beneficial relationship between Carson Sheriff’s Station and the public it serves

  • Sponsorship of Carson Sheriff’s Station athletic teams and events

  • Raising awareness and awarding the outstanding service by Carson Sheriff’s Station personnel

  • Fundraising efforts

  • Bringing awareness of the many sacrifices members of the station make in order to protect our community.


On behalf of the men and women of the Carson Sheriff’s Station, thank you for your continued support.


Captain Damon A. Jones

Mission Statement


The Foundation is organized for the promotion of community welfare through auxilary services and the dissemination of

information supportive of the LA County Sheriff's Department in the City of Carson, including but not limited to, programs

for public safety and for the deterrence of crime.





Josh Canales, Reverend

Mission Eben-Ezer Family Church


Vice President

Ray Aldridge

Expressions to Wear



Matt Rexroth

Watson Land Company



Jarumy Parra

The Gathering at the Garden





The Carson Sheriff's Station Support Foundation (CSSSF) was founded in 2006 as a non-profit organization by residents and local businesses who joined forces to support the sworn deputies, the professional staff and volunteers of the Carson Sheriff's Station.  With the generous financial support of the growing membership comprising of residents, community organizations and businesses, the Foundation has already made significant contributions to meet special needs and enhance public safety operations in our City.




Ex-Officio Members

Sergeant Armando Hernandez (Carson Sheriff's Station PR)

Raean Muñoz (City of Carson Public Safety)


Board of Directors

Alan Caldwell (Marathon Refinery)

Benny Licon (Carson Resident)

Ken Dami (Phillips 66)

Jackie Momoli (Pacific American Student Services)

Sharma Henderson (CO-OP)


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