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Distinguished Service Awards


Since 2006, the Distinguished Service Awards have recognized hundreds of individuals for their outstanding service. The Distinguished Service Awards of the CSSSF were implemented to recognize individuals who performed outstanding acts of heroism or service in the greater Carson area.  Past recipients range from Carson Sheriff's Deputies, other public service officers, and local residents for their distinguished service to public safety.  The Awards Luncheon has become the foundation's primary annual fundraising event and the number of Sponsor and Tables continues to grow each year.  With over 250 guests in attendance in 2016, the foundation looks to continue its momentum into 2017.  Thank you for your support.  We look forward to having you as a special guest next year. 

2019 Awards Luncheon

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2016 Honorees

Deputy Captain Joseph P. James

Carson Station Captain 1990-1995

Captain James joined the Sheriff's Department on October 19, 1961, and his initial salary was $545.00 per month.  He worked a short pre-academy assignment at the Mira Loma Detention Facility before entering Academy Class #91 in December.  Upon graduating the Academy in April of 1962. he was assigned to the Transportation Bureau for three months and then Norwalk Station for four years.  In 1966, he was selected to be a member of the Academy training staff which was a highlight of his career.


Joseph James as promoted to the rank of sergeant in 1968, and worked Temple Station for one-and-a-half years.  He was promoted to lieutenant on February 1, 1971, and remained at this rank for 19 years!  While a lieutenant, he worked at East Los Angeles Station, Lakewood Station, and Communication and Fleet Management Bureau, where he worked on several very big projects and finished as the Operations Lieutenant (second in command) of the Bureau.

Although Joseph James clearly had the credentials and tenure to promote during these 19 years, he chose not to compete for captain so he could be available for his girls during their high school years.  Finally, and long overdue, as the longest serving lieutenant on the Department, Joe was promoted to Captain and assigned to command Carson Station on April 1, 1990, (yes, April Fools Day).  He remained in this assignment until his retirement on November 5, 1995 after 34 years of service.

In 1990, Captain James was commended for starting the practice of introducing all new deputies assigned to his station to the Carson City Council - a practice which continues today.  In 1991, he was commended for the program to video tape legal advisements to driving under the influence suspects, and saving the criminal justice system millions of dollars.

In 1992, Captain Jams was commended by the City of Compton for the assistance he provided them during the riots. 

In 1984, he was commended by the Board of Supervisors for his efforts toward implementing the Los Angeles County 911 system.

In his final evaluation, it was written, "Captain James is an office of distinction and consummate gentlemen.  He demanded no less from himself than he insisted upon from his subordinates.  His honesty and integrity are above reproach and he truly has earned the respect and admiration of those who work with him and for him."

Joseph James leaves behind his wife Linda, and his two daughters Shellie and Alicia.

Sergeant Michelle Hall


Sergeant Michelle Hall was tasked by then - Captain Todd Rogers to create the Carson Station Sheriff Support Foundation (CSSSF) while working in Detective Bureau.  Sgt. Hall was intrigued by the idea, but had no idea about the details of who/what/where or the foundation of it (excuse the pun).

Through department research, Sgt. Hall found successful programs in Santa Clarita and West Hollywood, as well as the Thousand Oaks Police Department.  She gained information by attending numerous meetings with Santa Clarita and West Hollywood staff.  After picking the brains of the accountants that ran each of those foundations, Sgt Hall and Mary Ann Rodriguez (former Treasurer and member of the CSSSF Board) had the basis to create the foundation after only eight months.  With the assistance of Captain Rogers and Pilar Hoyos of Watson Land Company, the founding board, involving local residents and businesses, was formed in November 2006.  By July 2007, the foundation was successfully launched as a non-profit entity with their main goal being to assist in raising funds in support of law enforcement mission and personnel of Carson Station.

Sergeant Hall remained a proud active member of the foundation until her transfer from the station in January 2010.

Sergeant Carol Rodgers


Sergeant Carol A. Rodgers was assigned to Carson Community Relations under the leadership of Captain Todd Rogers (now Assistant Sheriff Rogers), from 2008-2010.  Carol began her career with LASD, Class 235, completing her training in May, 1987.  She worked patrol at Marina Del Rey and Lennox Stations.  She transferred to Court Services Division where she was promoted to Bonus I and later Sergeant.  She returned to Marina Del Rey for a short time and was transferred to Carson Station (2005-2010).  Carol is currently assigned to County Services Division where she supervises the Probation Unit.  She has been married for 23 years and has two children, a daughter and son (one university graduate and a sophomore in university).

Lieutenant Faye A. Adragna 


Lieutenant Faye A Adragna, a 27-year veteran of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, is currently assigned to Audit and Accountability Bureau as the Operations Lieutenant.

Lieutenant Adragna began her law enforcement careen in 1988, as a deputy marshal employed with the Los Angeles County Marshals' Department.  In 1994, the Marshals' Department merged with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, where Adragna was sworn in s a deputy sheriff.  Soon after the merger, she was assigned to the Training Bureau's Recruitment and Pre-Employment Unit.  Additional assignments as a deputy sheriff included Lakewood Station, the Asian Crime Task Fore, and Sheriff's Headquarters Bureau.

In 1005, Adragna was promoted to the rank of Sergeant.  Her assignment included the Inmate Reception Center, Transit Services Bureau, and Office of Homeland Security.  In 2008, she transferred to Carson Station, where she worked as a field sergeant for more than 3 years.  For one year, she worked as the supervisor responsible for the Carson Station's Community Relations Office.  Her duties included collaborating with community members and business leaders throughout the city.  In 2012, she was selected to work at Field Operations Region II Headquarters as one of the Chief's aids, until she promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in 2013, assigned to Compton Station.  In 2015, she was chosen to work as Risk Management Bureau as second in command for a short period, followed by her assignment to the Audit and Accountability Bureau, which was newly formed under the direction Sheriff McDonnell. 

Sergeant Tina Kelley


During Sergeant Kelley's tenure as the Community Relation Sergeant, she worked on several projects within the Carson community.  She was instrumental in revamping the Neighborhood Watch Program, and worked with City of Carson representatives as City Hall.  With the help of volunteer Benito Licon, Sergeant Kelley worked with the Explorers and other volunteers, participating in a wide variety of local community events, including Explorer Academies, July 4th celebrations, the annual Neighborhood Watch BBQ, and fundraisers.   Sergeant Kelley and the Community Relations Office never turn down a request.  The Community Relations office hosted numerous school tours at the station, as well as serve as guest speakers at local schools.  Sergeant Kelley was also involved with two Community Night Out programs.  The events were a huge success, thanks to the team effort of the Community Relations Office and Community Advisory Committee!

One of the highlights of Sergeant Kelley's time with the Unit was working with Deputy Fred Noya of the Gang Diversion Team, which worked with a great number of at-risk-youth.  Sergeant Kelley participated in a few of the program's field trips, which were always exciting, educational and just plain fun  The program has had great success, and its value really hit home when a past participant would come back around to thank Deputy Fred Noya for being there and never giving up on them.  Fred's Gang program gave us more successes, and those are the stories Sergeant Kelley loves to reflect on.

For Sergeant Tina Kelley, her time in the Unit was a wonderful experience, and she feels blessed to have met and worked with so any wonderful people who gave so much of their time and effort to support the community they lived in.

Lieutenant Damon Jones


Lieutenant Damon A. Jones, a 20-year veteran of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, is assigned to Twin Towers Correctional Facility as the High Observation Housing Liaison Lieutenant.

Lieutenant Jones' career with the Sheriff's Department began in 1996.  After graduating from the Sheriff's Training Academy as a Deputy Sheriff, he was assigned to the Century Regional Detention Facility and Custody Headquarter Operation Safe Jail where he patroled and worked as a jail gang deputy.  He later worked patrol at Carson and Century Station .  While at Century Station, he also worked Nuisance Enforcement and Abatement, at the Youth Activities League, and as the School Resource Deputy.  He also worked at Personnel administration as a Background Investigator, Recruiter and Operations Deputy at Recruitment.

Lieutenant Jones promoted to Sergeant in 2009, and was assigned to Inmate Reception Center and Carson Station.  While at Carson Station, he worked as the Field Sergeant, Watch Sergeant, and as the Community Relations Sergeant from October 2012 through January 2014.  He was later assigned as a Sergeant at Audit and Accountability Bureau and Personnel Administration Recruitment.

Upon his promotion to Lieutenant in March 2015, Lieutenant Jones was assigned to Twin Towers Correctional Facility.  In addition to his current assignment at Twin Towers Correctional Facility, he has also worked as the P.M. shift Watch Commander and Access to Care Lieutenant.

Lieutenant Jones holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Organizational Leadership.  He is a lifelong resident of Los Angeles County and is married to his wife Kenya.  They have three children, who are in high school and middle school.  In his spare time, Lieutenant Jones enjoys playing basketball, working out, coaching and spending time with his family and friends.

Carson Station Memorial Hallway 2015

Blanca Arevalo, Michael Chacon, Aaron Bartsch, Steve Sather, Gerald Secrist, Frankie Lobato

Several years ago, Carson Station personnel placed plaques in the main entrance hallway of the four fallen members who lost their lives in the line of duty while serving our community.  The plaques serve as a symbol of respect and remembrance for those members and their families.

Sometime in 2011, Deputy Mike Chacon obtained donations and retained an artist to paint portraits of the four fallen members in hopes of adding to what would become a memorial hallway.  At the same time, Carson Station began the planning stages for an expansion and remodel of its facility that dated back to 1974.  The portraits were never mounted in the hallway, pending the future construction.  Unfortunately, the expansion plans have encountered setbacks, and are still no finalized.

Upon assuming command, Captain Marks discovered the portraits stored in the Operations Office.  After learning of Deputy Chacon's endeavor to obtain the portraits, Marks solicited participation to erect a new memorial hallway - one worthy of the artist's renderings.

Deputies Aaron Bartsch, Gerald Secrist, Steve Sather, Frankie Lobato, Michael Chacon and Sergeant Blanca Arevalo all volunteered to design and build the Carson Station memorial hallway.  Captain Marks brought the matter before the CSSSF board and requested their support.  The CSSSF provided $17,000.00 to fund the total cost of the materials for the project.

For the following two months, each of these individuals worked as a team on their own time to complete this labor intensive project.

Upon completion of the memorial hallway, the portraits were mounted, and Carson Station's installation quickly became known throughout the Department as the finest memorial hallway among the Sheriff Patrol stations.  The Carson Sheriff's Station deputies and the CSSSF continue to partner with the community of Carson, and are proud to recognize the hallway beautification project completion in 2015.

Potential Homicide and Suicide Response and Rescue

Deputy Christopher Baker, Deputy David Aldana, Deputy Scot Holdsworth, Sergeant Monica Botello, Deputy Glenn Nakasaki, Deputy Marina Garcia, Deputy Taylor Brannigan, Sergeant Rodolfo Cortez.

On the morning of June 3, 2015, Deputy Marina Garcia received a phone call from a mentally ill person who stated he wanted to kill himself.  He said he was armed with a gun and would shoot any deputy if he saw them  The person informed Deputy Garcia he was sitting in a bus parked at the McDonalds, located at Avalon Boulevard and Del Amo Boulevard, Carson.  Deputy Garcia dispatched the call, Sergeant Monica Botello, Deputy Christopher Baker, David Aldana, Glenn Nakasaki, Scott Holdsworth and Taylor Brannigan all responded. 

Upon their arrival, a male was seen in a bus parked in the McDonalds parking lot.  The deputies coordinated a plan and attempted to speak to the male.  All the while, the male remained on the telephone with Deputy Garcia at Carson Station.  The deputies, realizing the male posed a grave danger to the public, blocked off the parking lot with their patrol cars, and deployed spike strips.  The male remained on the phone with Deputy Garcia, continuing to threaten to harm himself and the deputies.

Suddenly, the male started the bus and drove forward toward one of the parked patrol cars, stopping prior to colliding into it.  The male continued to ignore the deputy's commands, as well as pleas from Deputy Marina Garcia who was still on the phone with him.

Simultaneously, requests for additional resources were being made to the Sheriff's Special Weapons Team and Crisis Negotiators.  Additional deputies responded to close off Avalon Boulevard and Del Amo Boulevard during the busy morning commute.

After several more moments, the male placed the bus in reverse, and drove backwards towards the team of deputies who has sought cover behind a garbage bin and parked cars.  Sergeant Botello directed Deputy Aldana to use the less lethal baton launcher to break windows in the bus.  Deputy Baker, in concert with Deputy Aldana, launched pepper balls into the bus through the broken windows, all in an effort to persuade the male to exit the bus that he was attempting to use to assault the deputies and provoke their use of deadly force.

The male opened the bus door for ventilation and yelled to the deputies to come get him.  Realizing the pepper balls were not effective, Deputy Baker deployed a concussion device into the bus.  This caused the male to stand in the open door way, but he continued to yell at the deputies in hopes of provoking them into using deadly force.

Sergeant Cortez, the Department Crisis Negotiator, arrived and began communications with the male.  Following a lengthy exchange, the male exited the bus.  Deputies Nakasaki and Baker quickly, and without the use of force took, control of the male and restrained him.  As he was being treated by paramedics, the male revealed he had drunk a large quantify of anti-freeze.

Later, during an interview, the subdued male informed supervisors that he had gone to McDonalds for his last meal because that was his favorite food.  He then admitted that he drove the bus towards the deputies in an attempt to provoke them to shoot him.

Each of the deputies in this situation used extreme caution and restraint in safely apprehending a mentally ill person who was determined to provoke the use of deadly force.

Detective Steven Sather

Marijuana Edibles, "The Jolly Rancher Dealer"

Detective Sather is one of Carson Station's veteran detectives with outstanding knowledge of the criminal element in the station area..

Following up on information he received, Detective Sather contacted a female in a motel located in the northern portion of the City.

Detective Sather conducted an excellent investigation, and determined the female suspect possessed a large quantify of marijuana edibles.  The illegal marijuana was disquised as "jolly rancher" and "peanut butter cup" candies, and assorted baked goods.  Detective Sather recognized that the marijuana products posed a danger to kids as young as elementary school, and he tried to determine the source of the marijuana.

Based on his investigation skills, he was able to obtain enough information to secure a search warrant for a residence in Westminster, which was a large-scale illegal producer of marijuana edibles.  Detective Sather was relentless as he continued his investigation, and he served the search warrant the same evening.

Detective Sather served the warrant and discovered the residence and garage had been converted into a commercial marijuana processing and bakery center.  He recovered thousands of dollars' worth of candy laced with marijuana.  The bakery was half a block from a school.  The primary suspect was arrested and charged.  Shortly after being released on bail, the suspect died in a single motorcycle accident.


Detective Chris Thoreson

"Elder Abuse"

Detective Thoreson investigated a Suspicious Circumstance - Elder Abuse report.  This report was generated from a Suspected Elder Abuse Report that stated an 83-year-old resident who lived in Carson was possibly the victim of financial abuse involving her daughters.  Adult Protective Services (APS) was contacted by Wells Fargo Bank, Elder Fraud Unit, when they discovered the granddaughter had cashed $37,000 in checks against the victim's bank account.

Detective Thoreson made contact with the victim at her home where she would not open the security door.  He asked her if she agreed to give her granddaughter $37,000 and the victim said she did not. Detective Thoreson believed the victim possibly suffered from Alzheimer's disease.  After speaking with the victim, Detective Thoreson called Adult Protective Services (APS) and requested an immediate response to the victim's home.  APS responded to the home.

Several days later, deputies were dispatched to the victim's home for a welfare check and determined they would take the victim into protective custody.

Detective Thoreson responded to the residence, entered the home and saw the victim lived in very poor living conditions.  He completed a search warrant to search for the victim's financial records and to photograph the location.  During the search, it was discovered the victim had a son.  The son was a Major in the United States army, at that time stationed in Texas.  he was contacted and he flew home to ensure his mother was receiving proper care.

While searching through the victim's financial documents, Detective Thoreson confirmed the withdrawal of the $37,000 from the victim's bank account, and discovered a signed "Statement of Fraud/Dispute Claim Withdrawal" form.  Detective Thoreson also found documents involving a Capital One Checking and savings account under the victim's name.  A search warrant of the accounts was written and served and the documents showed accounts opened from February 2013 to March 2014.  The accounts had 108 cash withdrawals totaling $75,600.

In the end, the suspect was charged with Theft from Elder or Dependent Adult, 386(d) PC and Special Allegation - Loss exceeding $65,000, 12022.6(a)(1)PC.  The suspect accepted the charges and is instructed to repay the money via installments.  If she defaults, she faces a nine year sentence.

Detective Dennis Elmore

"Residential Burglar"

During the spring of 2015, a series of burglaries occurred in the City of Carson's mobile home tracts.  When the series of burglaries began, Detective Elmore took the lead on this investigation.  He set aside other cases and devoted the majority of his time on the burglary series in an effort to capture the perpetrator.  Detective Elmore conducted multiple surveillance operations and spearheaded a team of deputies that acted in an undercover capacity to identify the perpetrator of these burglaries.  Each mobile home tract in the city of Carson was burglarized at least once during this time period, and some tracts were burglarized several times during a given week.  

On April 19, 2015, Carson Station received a 911 call of a burglary in progress at a mobile home located at 21207 South Avalon Boulevard.  As patrol units arrived on scene, they observed the suspect committing a burglary to a mobile home.  The suspect immediately fled the scene, and led deputies on a short pursuit while riding away on his bicycle.  Deputies contained the area, but the suspect continued to evade the deputies.  Deputies eventually stopped the suspect while he was riding his bicycle and arrested him.

The suspect was later identified, and the Detective Bureau, along with Detective Elmore, served a search warrant at his residence.  Numerous stolen items from the mobile homes were recovered.

Detective Elmore contacted all the victims, acquiring statements and the property loss for each victim.  He presented this case to the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office for criminal filing.  The suspect was charged with 10 counts of Residential Burglary and was subsequently sentenced to 20 years in state prison.

Carson Sheriff's Station Deputy Nominations

Joseph R. Carlson, Deputy, Paul S. Cervantes, Deputy, Dennis P. Conway, Deputy, Oliver J. Donan, Deputy, Porsche R. Heisser, Deputy, Lina Y. Pimentel, Deputy, Steve E. Pomeroy, Deputy, Travis Morrow, Sergeant

"Carjacking Recovery"

On January 2, 2016, the Carson Station desk received a call about a male breaking out car windows in the South Bay Pavilion parking lot.  Personnel assigned to the desk relayed updated and critical information to field units as they responded to the scene.  Upon their arrival, it was learned that this same suspect committed a carjacking of an 80-year-old woman, and left the location in the stolen vehicle just moments earlier.  

Additional field units quickly spotted the carjacked vehicle and conducted a pre-stop coordination operation before stopping the vehicle on the 710 freeway at Imperial Highway.  The driver was the lone occupant of the vehicle and yielded without incident.

The driver was subsequently identified by the victim and witnesses as the carjacking suspect.  The same suspect was also linked to two vehicle burglaries which had been committed at the South Bay Pavilion minutes before the carjacking.

Deputy Sean Hylands

"Vandalism Investigations"

Deputy Hylands has been as asset to Carson Station and the City of Carson.  He effectively patrols the north city, particularly the Victoria Park residential neighborhood.  Within the past few months, he made two outstanding observation arrests involving gang members who vandalized the neighborhood, as well as surrounding areas of the City of Carson.

His proactive policing resulted in the arrest of a suspect involved in a rash of vandalisms which cost the City of Carson approximately $7,800 in damages to repair.

On Wednesday, November 11, 2015 at 3:29am, Deputy Hylands heard the sound of an aerosol can dispensing.  Deputy Hylands observed a local gang member spray painting a wall of a strip mall.  Deputy Hylands' proactive efforts resulted in the arrest of that gang member.

On Wednesday, February 3, 2016 at 12:02 am, Deputy Hylands conducted a traffic stop of a vehicle and detained the occupants regarding a vehicle code violation and narcotics investigation.  Deputy Hylands saw the vehicle was marked with the moiker of "Menace" (a known local gang member) written in the dirt on the rear cargo window of the vehicle.  During his investigation, Deputy Hylands determined that one of the passengers was "Menace".  With the assistance of the graffiti deputy at Carson Station, Deputy Hylands researched prior graffiti reports, and verified with the suspect acts of graffiti vandalism the suspect had committed in the City of Carson which caused approximately $7,800 in damage.

Deputy Hylands' proactive efforts and thorough follow-up investigation resulted in the arrest of an active Carson area gang member who had damaged various locations with gang graffiti in the City of Carson.

Deputy Bohnert

"Proactive Policing"

On February 6th 2016, while on patrol at 223rd Street in the City of Carson, Deputy Bohnert observed a gold Cadillac driving towards him, straddling lanes.  He illuminated the interior of of the vehicle and recognized the front passenger as a gang member he has had contact with in the past.  During the traffic stop of the vehicle, Deputy Bohnert saw that the gang member tossed a long black object from the open front passenger window.  Later that item was determined to be a 12 gage shotgun, loaded with seven live rounds of ammunition.

While conducting patrol checks on Thursday, February 19th at 3:07 a.m. in response to a rash of residential burglaries, Dep. Bohnert conducted multiple patrol checks at a residence which was being fumigated (tented).  At approximately 0300 hours, he observed a vehicle parked in the alley directly behind the location.  As he drove closer, he heard noises coming from the tented garage and saw a male emerge from concealment.  After completing a thorough investigation, Deputy Bohnert arrested the suspect for attempted residential burglary and possession of a concealed dirk or dagger.

Deputy Bohnert's proactive action, and subsequent investigation, resulted in the removal of a deadly weapon and a known gang member off the streets, creating a safer place for all of the residents in the City of Carson.

Firefighter Paramedic Chris Gussman

Los Angeles County Fire Department

Firefighter Paramedic Chris Gussman is a 7-year veteran of the Los Angeles County Fire Department, currently assigned to Engine 36 and Paramedic Squad 36 in the City of Carson.

FFPM Gussman has been stationed in Carson for the last 3 years, and has successfully built lasting relationships with both residents and co-workers in the City.  He has been on numerous emergency calls involving chemical spills, floods, medical emergencies, hazardous materials incidents, traffic collisions, and fires, as well as ensuring the prevention of emergencies by conducting fire prevention inspections within the City of Carson.

Aside from his emergency work he has also lent his time as an EMS instructor within the County of Los Angeles Fire Department.

His heroic efforts have demonstrated his dedication and passion towards customer service and ensuring a job well done.

Officer Hamilton Kim

California Highway Patrol, South Los Angeles Area.

Officer Kim began his career with the California Highway Patrol (CHP) in 2007.  Upon graduating the CHP Academy, he returned to his home city of Los Angeles and reported to the South Los Angeles Area Office, where he has worked for the past 8 years.  Officer Kim worked the graveyard shift, and received a Mother's Against Drunk Driving (MADD) award for his efforts.  Officer Kim enjoyed his time working the graveyard shift, but he always knew he belonged on a bike.  He attended CHP Motorcycle Training and became a Motor Officer.  Kim's roleplaying as "Ponch" on his bicycle, and his time in the USAF working on radars, proved invaluable.  His experience easily carried over into his CHP career when he completed the radar operator course and became the "Eyes on the Speeders" as a Motor Officer.

Officer Kim began to explore how he could make a difference within the office.  He took a pivotal role in re-starting the South Los Angeles CHP Explorer Post, and began mentoring Explorers, one of which is now a respected Los Angeles County Sheriff Deputy.  As a Field Training Officer (FTO), he takes his role very seriously as he ensures his trainees are safe, diligent, and accountable.  During the holidays, he enjoys participating in the "Chips for Kids" toy drive.  When called upon, Officer Kim will take on the role of Officer-in-Charge (OIC).  He is a Range Associate and ensures the safe handling of weapons during training and assists in any way he can.  Officer Kim is also a Guardian Motor, assigned to the Protective Services Detail (PSD), where he has worked to safeguard dignitaries during their stay in the Los Angeles area.

Outside of the work environment, Officer Kim enjoys participating in the Baker-2-Vegas relay race, both running and supporting for the past several years.  When asked what the highlight of his workday is, Officer Kim answers with a smile, "When a person thanks me, even if it is for a citation, I must've done something right!"

Officer Keisha Cayton

Los Angeles School Police Department, Campus Services Bureau

Officer Cayton has provided exceptional and distinguished service in Los Angeles School Police Department's South Division, which serves the Carson Community.  This year, Officer Cayton was instrumental in providing exceptional service and support during the Summer Special Olympics in Los Angeles and the surrounding communities.  As a representative of the LASDP, she demonstrated a great commitment toward the program and encouraged many student-athletes who participated in various events.

During the month of November 2015, Officer Cayton organized a food and money donation drive to provide asistance to South Division families in need.  With her leadership, the LASPD was able to collect a vast amount of food and monetary donations to assist families during the holiday season.

In December 2015, Officer Cayton led a Teddy Bear Giveaway Drive.  She collected both Teddy Bears, and financial contributions to purchase additional Teddy Bears, which were donated to local children's hospitals.  Wit Officer Cayton's coordination, many Los Angeles School Police Officers assisted with the distribution of the Teddy Bears by personally visiting and handing them out to children at area hospitals who are dealing with terminal illness and other serous medical challenges.

Officer Cayton is also actively involved wit LASPD's Anger Management Program for Students.  The program entails teaching elementary school students, at the 3rd grade level, how to manage their anger, diffuse possible confrontations and make better choices.  Officer Cayton is one of the lead instructors of the South Division team.  She helps develop the curriculum and lesson plans for this program that serves to educate students.

Officer Keisha Cayton participates and leads many community oriented programs for students, parents and stakeholders in the LASPD's South Division to include those in the Carson Community.  She is dedicated to serving the community and continuously provides unwavering support above and beyond her duties.

Dr. Clarence Montecarlo

"Community Life Builder"

Dr. Montecarlo is a practicing family physician for DHS LA County and currently serves the City of Carson and surrounding areas by offering programs and projects that improve life in the community.  He has founded the Montecarlo Cultural and Community Medicine Foundation (MCCMF) to promote youth development, cultural diversity and community wellness in the City of Carson, and the South Bay.  Since 2012, the MCCMF has operated out of a two-acre garden located at Stephen M. White Middle School.  Some of the programs offered are: monthly painting workshops; weekly guitar and audio engineering workshop; monthly cultural dance workshop; quarterly Heritage bike rides; quarterly media arts program; children's gardening art book program; "Hug-a-Bully" anti-bullying art campaign; and, artwork to feed the hungry and poor.

We commend Dr. Montecarlo for his commitment to serving the City of Carson and its residents.  It is such partnerships with the community that make patrolling the streets of Carson that much easier and better.  Thank you for your generosity, creativity, and for building unity within our community.

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