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Our Impact







The CSSSF is dedicated to supporting the local Carson Sheriff's Station, and the men and women who are committed to the safety and security of our community.  We engage in fundraising and community activity that enhances local law enforcement in a variety of ways including:

Purchase of a new ASAP (Advanced Surveillance and Protection) vehicle for advanced capabilities in deterring and apprehending lawbreakers.

Purchase of an enclosed trailer for transport of the Sheriff's T-3 Series high-performance vehicles.  These lightweight electrical vehicles are an indispensable tool for traveling and maneuvering in crowded or tight spaces, allowing patrols and pursuits in situations where full-size vehicles cannnot travel.

Providing additional "Entry Ballistic Vests" for the protection of law enforecement personnel when they must enter high-risk situations that put them in danger of assault or gunfire.

Replacement of the hard drive in the Sheriff's station mainframe computer system, a major enhancement of the station's use of technology in its operations, for increased efficiency, reliability and safety of records and data.​

Sponsoring the annual "Distinguished Service Awards Ceremony" to recognize Carson Sheriff's Deputies, other local law enforcement officers and community members for their distinguished service to public safety.


Participating in the annual National Night Out, a police-community event held in cities across the nation for crime and drug prevention.


Committed funds to begin the Carson Station Fingerprint Technician Program.  The program allowed for the expedited obtaining and processising of fingerprints for residents of Carson who were the victims of crimes.

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